Matrimonial Law

A matrimonial attorney can be called upon to negotiate pre-nuptial agreements (pre-marriage), post-nuptial agreements (after marriage but before separation), separation agreements (in contemplation of, or following separation), and stipulations of settlement (in connection with or following the commencement of an action for divorce). In short, the job of a divorce attorney is to protect your legal, economic, and other interests, either through negotiation before or after either spouse files for divorce, or via litigation, following a filing for divorce by either spouse.

When shopping for the services of a matrimonial attorney it is important to select an attorney who will fight for your desired objectives as long and hard as necessary to achieve those objectives. However, it is equally important to hire an attorney who understands what relief is actually possible under the law and honestly advise you regarding the probabilities of you achieving your objectives in light of all the relevant factors that may influence the achievement of said objectives. The ideal attorney is therefore one who is fully transparent with you and provides you with the information that you need to make an informed decision as to the strategies to employ in furtherance of objectives that are possible under the laws of your jurisdiction.

I am sure that if you were to speak to persons that have been divorced, you will hear some horror stories about how messy or expensive their divorce was. Hopefully, you will also hear some encouraging stories from others, about how relatively amicable and inexpensive their divorces were. The truth is, that divorces can be messy and expensive because of the manner that the divorcing parties and their attorneys elect to behave towards one another in negotiations and litigation.

Your divorce can either be uncontested (a divorce in which you generally do not have to set foot in a court room and whereby the parties have reached agreement in writing) or contested (a divorce often involving full financial disclosure, multiple court appearances, appointment of attorney(s) for children, the hiring of experts to determine custody/visitation issues, valuations of professional degrees, businesses or assets, and the holding of a trial after which the court makes a decision as to the dissolution of the marriage, custody/visitation, child support, maintenance, equitable distribution and the payment of legal and or expert fees) which may or may not provide you the desired relief. Even if parties cannot agree to an uncontested divorce, there is no valid reason that a contested divorce, has to be a scorched-earth battle of attrition with only one winner possible.    

Whatever your situation is, our firm is ready to provide you the complete and honest legal advice that you require to make informed decisions relating to your divorce and aggressively fight for the achievement of your desired objectives. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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