Landlord Tenant Law

As an attorney that represents landlords and occupants of residential and commercial properties, I have become highly effective at understanding and balancing the competing interests of property owners, tenants, sub-tenants, licensees, trespassers and squatters in a complex and evolving legal environment.

When consulted on a landlord tenant matter, I set out to develop an understanding of what the prospective client’s relationship is to the subject property, what the prospective client’s goals are relative to that property, determine the scope of laws and regulations applicable to that property, and accordingly advise the prospective client of his or her rights relative to the subject property.

Once I understand the prospective client’s desired objective, and the pathways and limitations to achieving the desired end, I then set out to achieve that objective through any and all lawful means at my disposal.  

We are living at an interesting time in history, where courts are operating on a modified basis and the standard avenues for relief available are either subject to delay or not available. During these difficult times, it is especially important to be represented by an attorney who can think outside the box and bring about negotiated solutions.    

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