Family Law

Family life is the heartbeat of human existence. There is no greater feeling in the spectrum of human emotions than that which can be derived from balanced, healthy, and rewarding family relationships. Conversely, a dysfunctional family dynamic can be a major destabilizing force in an otherwise happy existence.

Sometimes, trouble in our family lives reaches a level that makes it necessary for us to pursue a legal solution. That trouble can manifest itself in the form of separation or divorce, paternity determinations, custody/visitation disputes, child neglect proceedings, family offense cases (physical and non-physical domestic violence), and spousal or child support proceedings. Other times, a legal solution is needed to protect assets, as in the case of pre and post nuptial agreements, or to arrange for the care of a person, as in the guardianship of a minor or incapacitated person.

Whatever the nature of your family related legal issue, our office is ready, able and willing to assist you in procuring the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

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