Criminal Law

There are few events in the life of a human being potentially as disruptive as being charged with or convicted of a crime.

If you are charged and convicted of a crime you may experience the embarrassment of being arrested, the inconvenience of being detained during the pendency of criminal proceedings, the need to raise funds to pay for bail and or hire an attorney, the temporary or permanent loss of employment, the loss of physical contact with family and friends, a permanent record of conviction, deportation, the loss of liberty for an extended period of time, forfeiture of assets, payment of fines and court mandated fees, reporting to a parole or probation officer, your name being placed on a public registry, the inability to secure suitable new employment following conviction and other negative consequences.

Because of the potential negative consequences associated with arrest and conviction, it is critical that you secure effective legal representation as soon as you learn that you will be or have been arrested. An effective attorney, retained early enough in the process, can, to a degree, shorten the amount of time between the time of your arrest and the time you are presented before a judge, make effective factual and legal arguments in favor of your release on your own recognizance or the setting of reasonable bail conditions, assess the strength of the prosecution’s case against you by comparing the facts against the language of the laws applicable to the charges filed against you, demand and examine the evidence in possession of the prosecution, conduct any necessary independent investigation of facts, prepare and file appropriate legal motions, negotiate plea and cooperation agreements, and if necessary, litigate your case to a conclusion.

Through the application of my experience, knowledge, passion and skills, I am uniquely qualified to procure the best possible disposition of your case based on the applicable circumstances.

List of Criminal Offenses Under New York State Law

Classification of Criminal Offenses Under New York State Law

Penalties Associated with Criminal Offenses Under New York Penal Law

List of Criminal Offenses Under Federal Law

Classification of Federal Crimes

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

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