Fee Schedule



In-Person Consultation$350.00 Per Hour
Telephone Consultation$5.83 Per Minute X number of minutes (6 minute minimum)

Family Court of the State of New York

Paternity:$2,500.00 (Flat Fee)
Child Support:$2,500.00 (Flat Fee)
Custody / Visitation Case:$5,000.00 (Flat Fee)
Family Offense:$5,000.00 (Flat Fee)
Child Neglect / Abuse:$5,000.00 (Flat Fee)

Supreme Court

Uncontested Divorce (No Children/Assets)$1,863.00* (Flat Fee)
Uncontested Divorce (With Children/Assets)$3,063.00* (Flat Fee)
Contested Divorce$10,000.00* (Retainer)

* Includes $343.00 filing fees for Index Number ($210), Request for Judicial Intervention ($95.00), Note of Issue, Certificate of Dissolution ($5.00), and obtaining Certified Copy of Judgment of Divorce ($20.00) but does not include service of process fees, expert witness fees, motion fees, subpoena fees, or court transcript fees.

State or Local Criminal Courts

Misdemeanor Offense or Lower$5,000.00* (Flat Fee)
Felony Offense$10,000.00* (Flat Fee)

Federal Court

Felony Offense$25,000.00* (Flat Fee)

* Additional Hourly Trial Preparation and Trial Fees are applicable if case goes to trial and payable no less than ten (10) days in advance of trial)

Civil or Local Courts

Housing - Non-Payment Proceedings
$3,500.00 (Flat Fee)
Housing - Holdover Proceedings
$3,500.00 (Flat Fee)

All Other Civil Matters $10,000.00 (Retainer)