Our Mission

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Our mission is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, individualized legal representation to our clients at competitive market rates.

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In order to ensure informed decision making throughout our representation, we shall communicate with you openly, honestly and as frequently as called upon by the circumstances.

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We will work closely with you to understand your reasons for seeking legal representation, identify and discuss any associated legal risks and develop and implement a strategy for achieving your desired ends.


  • I’ll be totally honest with you guys I’ve never met a lawyer, that actually fought for his client as if it was his family member, or better yet as if he was fighting for his own freedom. This man is nothing short of amazing at his job & he definitely knows the law inside out. I wouldn’t recommend putting my money in anyone’s hands if it’s not Nelson de La Cruz. Not to mention he’s affordable & willing to work with you. At the time I first retained him I was incarcerated in federal jail on charges of racketeering conspiracy & extortion conspiracy held without bond. Within 30 days of Nelson being my lawyer he was able to secure me a bail & get me back home to my family. Throughout the duration of the case Nelson’s communication with both me and my loved ones was always priority and we loved that about him. His knowledge and his delivery with what he brings to the table as an attorney makes him that much more valuable to you as his client & of course to your case furthermore, securing the BEST possible outcome. In conclusion with my criminal history being very extensive & other factors (such as evidence against me) I did ultimately decide to pled guilty. But the fight did not stop there with Nelson. Through motions filed & countless hearings he was able to secure me a beyond favorable plea deal. I was facing a maximum of 40 years in prison; I ended up with a 2 year prison sentence & NO restitution! I really can’t stop thanking Nelson De La Cruz. I strongly recommend him to anyone fighting a criminal case.

  • I had a child support situation which dragged on in court for 18 years due to the other party's ability to manipulate the courts year after year. I then hired Mr. De La Cruz to represent me in connection with a violation petition against my son's father to collect on that unpaid obligation. The day I hired him was my lucky day. This lawyer isn’t a joke. He is very aggressive, yet professional. He was always on time, constantly in touch with me, and I never had to leave more than one message, before he called me right back in a matter of a few hours’ tops. Mr. De La Cruz prepared me before each court appearance, listened to all my concerns and always gave me different options or suggestions. I’m extremely happy that this never-ending case is finally over, and we won it after so many years! 

    Of course the other party and his lawyer tried everything to drag it on even longer, but Mr. De La Cruz was such an incredible pit bull (literally how the other side referred to him as) so they settled once they saw that Mr. De La Cruz was willing to try the case to a conclusion and not allow the other side to use their superior financial position to their advantage as my son's father had done on so many prior occasions. I’m very satisfied with Mr. De La Cruz's services and absolutely recommend him. If you have a legal issue, he is the “guy” you need!

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